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QuickBooks® Seminars, Training, and Consulting are the primary services offered by Simple Solutions Consulting and Potler CPA Services, PLLC

QuickBooks training and consulting are the primary focuses of Simple Solutions Consulting.   Additionally,  QuickBooks hands on seminars are provided in our computer labs.   Since 1998,  Simple Solutions Consulting has expanded its client base to provide QuickBooks help globally. We listen to your concerns, ask the right questions and take the time to understand your goals and objectives.

The Consultants at Simple Solutions Consulting are Your QuickBooks Experts. As Certified ProAdvisors, they are trained and guided by Jonathan Potler.

Simple Solutions Consulting works closely with several financial firms to ensure that they understand the intricacies of QuickBooks. Tax preparation is handled by Potler CPA Services, PLLC, if hired by the client.

Simple Solutions Consulting’s focus is on medium to small businesses that uses or wants to transition to QuickBooks. Our primary focus is on QuickBooks consulting, training, and support. All financial planning, income tax planning and business consulting are referred to our partners.

Overview of Our Services

QuickBooks, accounting software greatly simplifies the bookkeeping processes. After many years of QuickBooks consulting, Simple Solutions Consulting has found that no matter how user friendly the software program is, small businesses can benefit from assistance.

Simple Solutions Consulting has had the opportunity to work with over 1000 QuickBooks users. During our many years of service, we have provided QuickBooks consulting and training to a wide variety of industries. Simple Solutions Consulting has built a reputation for high quality and advanced level materials and instruction. We have QuickBooks experience in Construction, Not-For-Profit, Retail, General Services, Restaurant, Property Management, Residential and Commercial Real Estate, and Hospitality industries.

Simple Solutions Consulting is available for customized QuickBooks training and consulting in your offices or on location at our offices in Northwest Houston.

Simple Solutions Consulting can customize your financial bookkeeping system to meet the unique needs of your business. We are available to assist with:

  • QuickBooks Data File Setup
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Custom Creation of QuickBooks Reports
  • QuickBooks Troubleshooting
  • QuickBooks Data File Analysis
  • QuickBooks List Management
  • Integration of Add-On Software Programs that integrate with QuickBooks

These QuickBooks services are available on location at your office or via Simple Solutions Consulting’s remote access capabilities.

Simple Solutions Consulting provides hand-on QuickBooks Seminars* on a monthly basis at our Houston area offices and computer lab.

Customized QuickBooks Seminars are also available at the Client’s location.


Intuit offers a variety of QuickBooks products. It is important for the business owner to know which edition of QuickBooks best fits your business or industry and your specific company reporting needs. Simple Solutions Consulting will assist in insuring you choose the product that’s best for you.

QuickBooks Training Seminars and Events

Simple Solutions Consulting provides hands-on QuickBooks Seminars* on a monthly basis at our Houston area offices and computer lab.

Customized QuickBooks Seminars are also available at the Client’s location.

Bookkeeping services are available through our affiliate, Bookkeeping Solutions Houston.

Tax preparation services are available through our affiliate, Potler CPA Services, PLLC.

New and Advanced users of QuickBooks can benefit from Simple Solutions Consulting’s Seminars. Simple Solutions Houston makes learning QuickBooks easy. You can become a more confident QuickBooks user with our professional QuickBooks training. As you discover what QuickBooks has to offer your business, you will reduce your frustration and enhance your QuickBooks skills.

*Simple Solutions Consulting has registered with the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy as a CPE sponsor. This registration does not constitute an endorsement by the Board as to the quality of our CPE program.

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Monthly Newsletters and Free Downloads

Simple Solutions Consulting sends out monthly QuickBooks newsletters to more than 4000 companies and individuals every month. These newsletters assist QuickBooks users with helpful information about how to benefit from QuickBooks.

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